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Bid Results

Bid Results and Summaries

Bid Results (summary spreadsheets): Note: Comprehensive bid results and all other bid information can be located on PlantBids, the portal for which can be accessed by clicking on “(PlanetBid-Portal)” above.

Bidding Protest Procedures

  1. Time for Submitting Protests: A protest regarding Bid opening procedures, Bids, or the selection of the Successful Bidder shall be submitted in writing, by the protesting Bidder to the District, so that the protest is received by the District within 7 calendar days after Bid opening.
  2. Protests shall include a clear detail of the reason for the protest and the remedies sought by the Bidder submitting the protest.
  3. The District will issue a response within 7 calendar days after receipt of a protest.
  4. As condition precedent for litigation on matters covered under this Part 3.16, Bidder shall have filed a protest and allowed time for the District’s response in accordance with preceding paragraphs A. through C