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Rates (Water and Sewer)

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Sewer Rates

Charges Per Sewer Unit

Sewer Units are determined by the number of toilets, kitchens and bedrooms for residential properties and the number of fixtures for commercial properties. Single-family dwellings are billed for a minimum of three Sewer Units unless they have only one bedroom and one toilet, and also are equipped with low water use fixtures.

Type of ConnectionMonthly Service Charge Per Sewer Unit
Single Family Dwelling$19.86
Multi-Family Residences$19.20
Motels / Hotels / Timeshares$18.89
Trailer / Mobile Home Parks / Campgrounds$18.89

Residential Examples

DwellingSewer UnitsMonthly Charge
Single Family Dwelling3$59.58
Single Family Dwelling4$79.44
Single Family Dwelling5$99.30

Water Rates

Metered Water Rates

Connection SizeMonthly Base Charge
3/4" Metered$60.12
1" Metered$100.34
1-1/2" Metered$200.13
2" Metered$320.31
3" Metered$600.99
4" Metered$1,001.81
6" Metered$2,002.96
8" Metered$3,204.89
10" Metered$4,607.50

Consumption Rate Per 100 Cubic Feet (CCF) of Water

Single Family - Tier 1$2.03 (1 - 15 CCF)
Single Family - Tier 2$3.02 (ABOVE 15 CCF)
Multi Family$2.16

Non-Metered Water Rates

Customer TypeMonthly Service Charge
Single Family Dwelling$75.98
Each Additional Unit$37.16
Business 3/4" Service$110.01
Business 1" Service$168.14

Funding Sources

The District’s funding comes from a variety of sources, the majority of which comes from water and sewer rates.

  • Water/Sewer Rates
  • Connection fees
  • Property Tax
  • Grant Funding
  • Low Interest Loans
  • Interest Income