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Rebates and Services

Turf Buy Back of front yard conversion with plants, mulch and house in background.

Water Conservation Rebates and Services

Let South Tahoe Public Utility District help you save water and money. The District offers a range of free services and rebate programs to help you become water-smart. Rebates and services are available to both residential and commercial customer. Sign in to your WaterSmart portal to apply.



  • Toilet – Up to $100 rebate for replacing your pre-1992 toilet with a new 1.28 gallon per flush model.
  • Clothes Washer – Up to $200 rebate for installing a new ENERGY STAR labeled clothes washer.
  • Turf Buy Back Program (Water Customers Only) – Rebate of $1.50 per square foot up to $3,000 for residential and $5,000 for non-residential properties to replace turf with water-efficient landscaping. Pre-Conversion site visit required, please read the Terms and Conditions.
    • Lukins and Lakeside Park customers are eligible for a limited time.
    • Tahoe Keys customers eligible for Turf Replacement Incentive Rebate. Program expires December 31, 2025 or while grant funds last.
  • Irrigation Controller (Water customers only) - Up to $100 rebate for updating your irrigation controller to a WaterSense labeled irrigation controller. For more information on Weather-based controllers and Soil Moisture-based Irrigation Controllers click the links.
    • Tahoe Keys, Lukins and Lakeside Park customers are eligible for a limited time.
  • Leak Repair Rebate - Up to $750 rebate for a verified water leak repaired by a licensed contractor, excavator or plumber. W-9 form and rebate application to be completed and emailed to


  • Water Wise Landscape Consultation – Free site visit to identify ways to make your landscape and irrigation system more water efficient. Learn more about our consultations by watching Water Wise Landscape Consultation Tahoe Today.
  • WaterSmart Leak Finding – Log into your WaterSmart account to learn how to find and fix common leak. Follow the step-by-step directions or watch a video.
  • Leak Adjustment Request - If you receive a large water bill due to a leak, you can apply for an adjustment once you have repaired the leak. A request for a water bill adjustment must be submitted to the District within thirty (30) days of discovery of the water leak.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact 530-544-6474 or

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