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Financial Assistance Programs

Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

What is it?

The Customer Assistance Program (CAP) is a low-income assistance program for qualifying residential customers. Per the program guidelines, a customer is defined as the owner-of-record of a parcel served by water or sewer connection. The amount of the discount is 25% of the standard residential sewer and water rate. Qualifying customers will receive their discount as a credit to their utility bill. Please visit the Customer Service Department webpage to view program specifics and to download an application.

Program success

The program has been well received and currently has 400 participants.

Helping Hands Outreach

What is it?

Emergency assistance program to customers who need help in paying their water and/or sewer bill but are ineligible for, or have exhausted, all other available financial assistance sources.

Program Success

  • Over $ 50,000 in assistance
  • Totally voluntary program. 
  • No administrative overhead - 100% to recipients

You can contribute!

Contribution Form

El Dorado County Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

The El Dorado County Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) can assist you in paying off your water and wastewater bills. Eligible applications must come from El Dorado County residents who meet the income guidelines or are currently receiving CalWorks, CalFresh and/or HEAP. Your account does not need to be past-due in order to receive assistance. To apply, you need to provide a copy of your water or wastewater bill, proof of income for all household members 18 or older, government issued ID, and proof of citizenship.  For more information or to apply, call 530-621-6150 or click here to visit the El Dorado County Website.