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How to Start or Stop Service

Whether you are a resident moving into a new home or a developer building a new home, this is where to go to find out how to start and stop service.

Open a New Account

I purchased a home 

Your service will begin in your name effective the close of escrow date. The South Tahoe Public Utility District does not turn services on and off between ownership changes. You will need to notify the customer service office by emailing or by calling 530-544-6474. You will need the following information:

  1. Close of escrow date
  2. Name of the title company
  3. Copy of a grant deed or something on your Title Company’s letterhead stating the parcel, closing date and the new owners mailing information.
I am renting a home 

In order to receive a copy of a billing, a completed Application for a Duplicate Billing will need to be submitted and signed by the owner of the property. Please contact the owner to arrange completion of the form.

I am representing a bank 

    You will need to provide the following to the Customer Service office by clicking here or by faxing the information to 530-541-0614:

    1. Listing agreement or assignment letter.
    2. Name, mailing address and phone number for whom the bills are to be sent to.


    Close an Account

    I sold my home 

    The District does not pro-rate service charges. You will need to make sure your Title Company contacts the Customer Service office at 530-544-6474 or that they fax a demand to 530-541-0614. Your final bill should be pro-rated at the close of escrow by the Title Company.

    I rented out my home 

    The account will remain in your name as the property owner. As a courtesy, the District can send the billing to your tenant if you fill out the Application for a Duplicate Billing.

    I am a tenant that moved out 

    The District will not send a final bill when a tenant moves out. You are able to pro-rate your bill by either using an average per day calculation from your most recent bill, or you can request a final meter reading be done (please call the Customer Service office at 530-544-6474 to request a meter read (2) two days before the meter read is needed).