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Groundwater Management Plan

Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) are required to consider the interests of all beneficial uses and users of groundwater. Within the Tahoe South Subbasin (Subbasin), the beneficial use of groundwater as drinking water is used by community or individual water supply systems. Users of groundwater in the Subbasin include public water systems, domestic well owners, environmental users, the US Forest Service, and disadvantaged communities. To provide a forum to discuss groundwater issues that affect all users and facilitate collaboration throughout the Subbasin, the District convened a Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG). The SAG consists of local members who reside within the Subbasin or who represent collaborating businesses or government agencies who are committed to protecting groundwater resources. Workshops to discuss groundwater-related topics are scheduled two times per year and are used to inform the SAG of current groundwater conditions and receive input on groundwater issues affecting the Subbasin. 

The District and the Water Agency are the GSAs for the Subbasin. As such, we have started the process of updating the 2014 Groundwater Management Plan. Public engagement plays a critical role when updating the Plan to ensure concerns and issues of all users of groundwater within the Subbasin are represented. Opportunities to participate in the development of the five-year update to the Plan are summarized in the Public Notice below. 

Five-Year Update to the 2014 Groundwater Management Plan - 2017
A map showing different management areas around Lake Tahoe with a legend for color-coded jurisdictions.
TVS Basin GSAs (Click image to enlarge)

The District, in cooperation with the Water Agency, is responsible for developing the updated Groundwater Management Plan. The decision-making process for the Plan will involve the assessment of current groundwater conditions and the completion of a status review of the existing Plan and accompanying Groundwater Ordinance to identify components that may warrant modification. New information developed since adoption of the existing plan will also be incorporated into the updated Plan. The District and the Water Agency will keep stakeholders informed through this process using this web page, an interested parties email list (which you can subscribe to by emailing and public workshops. The SAG will be updated through this process to ensure that stakeholder concerns are acknowledged, discussed and considered with respect to any significant changes being proposed to the existing Plan.

Following existing Plan review and assessment, a draft of an updated Plan will be developed and issued for public comment. The public comment period will start with the release of a Notice of Availability announcing the issuing of an updated draft Plan for public review and the process for submitting written comments. Following the close of the public comment period changes to the draft plan, as necessary, will be completed and responses to written comments prepared. The final updated Plan, along with the public comments and responses, will be presented during a public hearing to the District’s Board of Directors and the Water Agency’s Board of Directors for formal adoption of the updated Groundwater Management Plan.